Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lahti caravan fair

The biggest caravan fair in finland held in Lahti this weekend.
Despite several manufacturers from different countries, it seemed that most of the caravans and motorhomes were just copies of each other by the interior layout and only separated by minor details and finishes. As one guest noticed that some caravans had beds for several people, but still lacked a decent closet for clothes and accessories. Other models however were designed with only two travellers in mind, having proper wide beds, decent bathrooms and comfortable living areas. Especially those larger american style motorhomes, with their own garages were just for two, when smaller trailers might have beds for six people.
Being in finland it was strange to notice that not a single unit i visited, had a sauna built in. Since Finns seem to build saunas in every shape, size and place, it seems that caravans don't need one.