Saturday, October 29, 2011


Scouting some nearby sights.

Koli at Lieksa.
It was already a bit frosty at the top.

Kuusamon suurpetokeskus has collected various bigger "beasts" that have needed care taking.
The bears are especially funny creatures.

How to wake up a hibernating mommy bear?

You tell her that you have carrots and honey.

And then she comes out.

mmm honey...

Next the papa bear and the daughter bear.
"He has been along with me in the forest collecting berries and some times fishing too. You can collect berries in privacy when you have a bear with you, but in the boat he was a bit restless. Constantly jumping in and out of the boat and messing with the nets, not so good company..."

He knows how to peel the orange, but she wants it to be done for her.

Next door neighbor is polite and stands up for the guests.

One duo was already hibernating, but were willing to lick some honey, if offered.

I highly recommend visiting the predator center yourself, but since the bears hibernate during the winter, the best time to visit is during the summer. In the meantime you can watch some furry action at their KarhuTV in youtube.

The lynx family.

"I can has cheezburgr!"

"Dude! Thats one loud focus."

The Rukatunturi with the very first snow from the snowmachines.

 The ruka village

View from the top.

Some leftover snow from last season lying around.
So last season! =)

Dirty Ferrari (sounds like a pornstar name?) posing with the rocks.